I was lucky enough to attend a preview of SUQQU new foundation, NUDE WEAR LIQUID FOUNDATION, at the renewed counter in Selfridges London.

The new counter is stunning!  It was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, award-winning designer & artist with the theme of Forest Light.

I love that there is a treatment room at the back too!  Now you can be pampered with the famous GANKIN Facial Treatment on site.  The award-winning treatment is designed to stimulate the bones of the skull and tries to enhance its curative powers.  This 3-minute powerful and unique massage works on the bone structure, muscles, lymph and blood circulation, which eases away stiffness, tension and enhances the overall metabolism to create a sharper definition.  Gankin treatment is known to improve skin sagging, tighten pores and increase in blood flow.  I have had the treatment before and it is truly one of a kind!

Here is the line-up of the new Nude Wear Liquid Foundation (£46)!

The foundation contains some key skincare ingredients such as St John’s Wort Extract, Neem Extract, Olive Leaf Extract.  It also contains Mellow Oil Complex which will smooth out texture.  Pigment is coated with amino acid for a finish low in powdery appearance, high in moisture and smoothness.

09/03/2018 Update

If you’re a regular reader, you would know I’m an advocate of any makeup with skincare benefits. Nude Wear is infused with “Light Complex” to boost radiance and brightening tone. It also contains four Japanese natural extracts.

There are 7 shades available. I am currently around NC25ish and matched well with 003.  Below are the swatches of the whole range, taken in room lighting.

As the name suggests, Nude Wear has a runny and thin texture, serum-like. It glides on on my skin easily and blend in extremely well. The coverage is light and natural. That said, it is able to even out redness fabulously while brightening my whole complexion. It doesn’t quite fully cover my active red spot or any dark scars.

It is EXTREMELY lightweight! I can’t stress that enough! It’s almost undetectable. If you have good skin (lucky you!), you would totally love this.  You would totally achieve the illusion of bare skin.

I have to say Nude Wear is such a godsend for my current skin condition (anti-aging treatment and extremely cold weather). It’s light, nourishing and brightening.

SUQQU will also be adding a new primer to the range, the Blooming Glow Primer (£40).  The primer contains SPF10.

Key features:

  • High radiance primer to counteract skin dullness
  • Offers hydration for a fresh and bright complexion

Ingredients: Sakura Extract, Peony Extract, Rose Extract

The primer also contains Veil Net, which stretches softly for a perfect fit, prevent foundation from seeping into your pores.

09/03/2018 Update

The texture of the primer is so delicate, as SUQQU describes “like watercolour”. It is incredibly light weight. It glides on effortlessly and instantly lift complexion! My sallow and dehydrated skin is coated with a glowy healthy veil.

Reviews and swatches to come once I have had a good play with the new additions.

SUQQU Nude Wear Liquid Foundation and Blooming Glow Primer will be available from 15th March 2018 at Selfridges.

What are your thoughts on the new releases?

Thank you for being here today!

Much love always,



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