I’m looking forward to SUQQU Spring Summer 2018 makeup collection.  This collection takes inspiration from “Kindami” a Japanese traditional technique of grazing gold and silver to Kimono garments, the collection gives gorgeous, luxurious sparkles expressed in a serene, understated tone.


£32 each, 2 new shades & 1 limited edition shade

08 MOMODAIDAI – Apricot orange & Coral
Pinkish orange combined with coral, designed to go along with any skin tone or makeup. Adds soft warmth evoking spring sun.
09 AYAKAGEROU – Light brown & Sheer beige
Cool, muted brown combined with slightly reddish beige. Adds refined definitions to your face.
106 HANAIROKA (Limited Edition) Limited Edition – Soft red & Cream pink
Red that mimicks the natural colour of cheeks, combined with a softer pink. Healthy-looking, but not too sweet, a blush for sophisticated women.

I adore these blushes.  I have done a few reviews with swatches here and here.

£46 each, 2 new palettes & 1 limited edition palette

Natural-looking, versatile yellow browns with sophisticated glistening gold that creates a wet-looking finish.
Combination of icy grey, silver with stylish khaki. Cool like the surface of a moonlit lake.
114 HANAAKARI (Limited Edition)
Soft pink bronze accentuated with a vivid sparkling pink.


£22 each, 5 limited edition shades

Single cream eyeshadows naturally define eye contours with tricks of lights. Sheer, delicate colours and lustre perfect for springtime. All seasonal limited edition.

101 TSUYAGINU (Platinum Beige) Limited Edition

102 MAIZAKURA (Shiny Pink) Limited Edition

103 AKAKAGE (Glitter Brown) Limited Edition

104 SUKASHIAOI (Clear Lavender) Limited Edition

105 HYOUKOU (Polarised Silver) Limited Edition


£20 each, 2 new shades & 1 limited edition shade



£24 each, 10 new shades & 2 limited edition shades

01 AMECHA (Milky Tea Beige) – Stylish, understated beige

02 AKACHAKOU (Reddish Beige) – All-purpose beige for refined femininity

03 SAKURAZOME (Innocent Pink)– Lovely pink for youthful femininity

04 KIRABENI (Golden strawberry) – Pink red that adds flattering warmth

05 BENISANGO (Tender Coral) – Soft coral that gives natural lustre

06 IROBARA (Dusty Rose) -Classy rose for sophisticated women

07 AKASHION (Deep Berry) – Deep blackberry that can match any skin tone

08 AKAMITSU (Deep Red) – Adds natural redness as if it came from within

09 SHIZUKUBOTAN (Juicy Pink) – Clear pink that complements the natural lips

10 TSUYAANZU (Milky Apricot) – Orange that enhances a healthy impression of the face.

101 TSUYABUDOU (Radiant Purple, limited edition) – Clear purple that adds dewy shine

102 TSUYAREMON (Radiant Yellow, limited edition) – Clear yellow that adds gorgeous glimmer


£25 each, 2 new shades & 1 limited edition shade

14 MIZUKAJITSU – Fruity red that brings out the freshness of your complexion.

15 YOINIJIMI – Captivating deep brown that gives a refined glamour with a single stroke.

101 KINDAMI (Limited Edition) – Named after the spring /summer 2018 collection itself, this signature shade adds a glimmering gold evocative of luxury golden radiance of kimono.


£18 each, 3 limited edition shades

104 TAIYOUKA (Bright Orange) – Healthy red with brightness, passion and vividness like that of the sun.

105 MOUGETSU (Crushed Gold) – Dazzling golden glitters like crushed moon.

106 MIZUYUKARI (Clear Grape) – Red grape shade with translucency as fresh as the fruit itself

The collection will be available exclusively for two weeks at Selfridges counter from 1st February.  Available from counters in Harrods & Fenwick Bond Street stores from 15th February

Are you intending to pick up anything from this collection?

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All photos are taken from @suqqu_uk_official Instagram

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  1. 26th January 2018 / 12:05 am

    Ooh that Hanairoka limited edition blush is gorgeous! Why is it that the best colours are always limited edition?

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