When it comes to Korean Skincare, I’m very much a rookie still.  But I am impressed with what I have tried so far, for instance the Huxley range (check out my experience here).

There are a few items that have been highly raved about in the beauty community that I am slowly ticking off on my wish-list.  One of the coveted item is the Son & Park Beauty water.  After doing some research, I placed my order with Style Korean.

About Son & Park Beauty Water

Beauty Water was created by famous makeup artists Son & Park.  It is meant to provide a smooth canvas for makeup application and a clean base for your next skincare routine. Beauty Water has quickly achieved cult status among other makeup artists and beauty fanatics.

Interestingly, this is a multi-tasking product which is pretty unusual for K-Beauty skincare.  Beauty Water is a cleansing water, toner, refresher and mild exfoliant all-in-one!

The Ingredients:

One of the best things about the Son & Park Beauty Water is the fact that the ingredients are all natural.  It possesses such a delightful scent, so invigoratingly fresh!  It does, however, contain alcohol. If you are sensitive towards alcohol then it is advisable to obtain a sample first.  Having said that, the alcohol content must be extremely low as I can not detect any scent nor the cooling effect that you normally get with alcohol-based products.  The toner feels very gentle.

As mentioned, the Beauty Water is not just a cleanser but it mildly exfoliates with willow bark and papaya extract to help sweep away dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin tone and smoother texture.  It also contains lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit extract which impart a subtle hydration so your skin can be prepped to absorb the next skin care steps, while adding in a bit of moisture.

Beauty Water has a pH of around 5 which is great to reset the skin’s natural pH after cleansing, maintaining the important acid mantle.

The Packaging:

I love the minimalistic frosted plastic bottle.  I find it sexy and elegant:)  The plastic material actually makes it easy for you to grip the bottle while you’re using it.  The bottle came secured with a foil seal.

How I use Son & Park Beauty Water:

As a cleansing water: Dispense a small amount on a cotton pad, and gently sweep across  your face to cleanse your face, with or without makeup. It’s fab and convenient when you’re heading out to the gym and need to roughly take your makeup off or in fact cleanse your face again after your aggressive gym session.  It actually does a pretty good job removing makeup (even the long wearing ones).  I love reaching for it on those lazy mornings when I don’t want to do so much, just Beauty Water and some moisturiser and I’m ready to face the day.  The application feels extremely refreshing and my skin doesn’t feel tight at all!  In fact, it’s really moisturising and soothing.

As a toner: After double cleansing, I would tone with Beauty Water dispensed on a cotton pad.  It feels gentle and kind to my skin.  My skin feels smoother, fresher and brighter.  That said, it is quite effective as I’m slightly shocked at times to see traces of dirt and makeup coming off even after double cleansing!  So I would consider it as a third cleanse!

As a mild exfoliant:  As it is mild, it is fab for the morning routine.  At night I feel my skin could take a stronger exfoliant.  I love how my skin appears much more brightened and supple after using Beauty Water.

As a base for makeup: Beauty Water is incredibly useful when I want to redo my makeup before going out again.  Using a small amount on a cotton pad,  I can easily wipe off my makeup.  My skin feels surprisingly clean, re-setted and ready for the next makeup application. I love that it doesn’t leave any film or tackiness like some micellar waters I have encountered.  It is wonderful to refresh your skin without having to use water,  less aggravation or stripping to your skin natural goodness. I think this must be my favourite purpose of Beauty Water.

Beauty Water is light, mild and hydrating.  I think it would be suitable for all skin types.

My thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoy adding Beauty Water to my skincare routine.  It is definitely a fabulous multi-tasking product.  You get a whooping 340ml bottle that would last you at least for a good 3 months.  And after incorporating Beauty Water in my routine for over 2 months,  I would repurchase once it is finished.

You can find Son & Park Beauty Water on Style Korean | $30.37

Are you a Korean beauty fanatic?  Have you tried Son & Park Beauty Water?

Thank you for being here today and Merry Christmas!

Much love always,


This post featured a product that was generously provided for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. 24th December 2017 / 2:35 pm

    It sounds fabtastic and if you recommend it, I will definitely look into trying it out as well. Thank you for sharing with us lovely ❤️ Merry Christmas to you & yours! ❤️

    • Sandy
      24th December 2017 / 3:04 pm

      Beauty Water is certainly a fabtastic multi-tasking product. Very worthy to have in any collection! Thanks for reading Anxhela! Merry Christmas to you and yours too! Much love xo

  2. 24th December 2017 / 4:18 pm

    Really want to try this out!

  3. Uyen
    24th December 2017 / 4:57 pm

    One of my favorite toner atm! 😊

  4. 1st January 2018 / 9:12 am

    You have sold me! I love skincare that really packs a punch and this sounds like its the whole package. I haven’t tried much kbeauty so this is really helpful as a starting point of what to look out for. It also looks like it would last a while which is always a good thing. Thanks for sharing Sandy xx

  5. 2nd January 2018 / 5:16 pm

    Your photos are always so stunning and it sounds so great ! Thanks for sharing ! xx

  6. 8th January 2018 / 8:41 am

    The Son & Park Beauty Water is one of my holy grail product. I am glad that you enjoy it too 🙂

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