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Dermatica Skincare Service
Dermatica Skincare Service

Bespoke skincare delivery service? Yes please!

Last month, I was invited to try out UK’s first online dermatology service, Dermatica and I jumped at the chance since Caroline Hirons (aka the skincare queen) has spoken highly about the service.

About Dermatica 

  • An innovative online subscription dermatology service offering personalised skincare solutions
  • Offers affordable and easily-accessible dermatological expertise to everyone, with custom-made, science-based skincare 
  • Access to online consultation with a team of dermatologists, pharmacists and formulation scientists
  • After assessment, optimal combination of prescription ingredients is prescribed. These clinically proven ingredients are not available in over-the-counter cosmetics and are generally much more effective.
  • The monthly subscription includes initial and follow-up consultations, ongoing support and advice from Dermatica’s dermatology team if needed
  • All treatment products are formulated, packaged and sealed in a pharmacy in London

How Dermatica works

  • Step 1: Take Dermatica’s online consultation and upload 3 photos of your skin.
  • Step 2: The dermatology team then determines the optimal treatment for your skin type and condition. This is made to order and delivered direct to your home each month.
  • Step 3: Treatment begins. Improvement is tracked with follow-up consultations and ongoing support.

You can control your subscription as you wish. It means you can pause, move, or cancel your subscription at any time.

My Experience 

After a quick online sign up, I uploaded 3 photos of my skin and added any comments that I might have on my skin health.  The next morning, I received an email from the Dermatica team with the suggested treatment.  Once I agreed to go ahead with the treatment, my order was made and shipped.  A few days later, my Dermatica package arrived.

I was prescribed 15ml of Tretinoin 0.025% and Hydroquinone 4% cream. The combination is to tackle my fine lines, skin texture and pigmentation. There’s an expiry date of 5 weeks. The packaging is in an opaque and airtight tube. I love that there is a Patient Information Leaflet included as well as a prescription label.  As a pharmacist, I felt the service was very professional.

So that you know, I’m no stranger to Vitamin A creams and I’ve been using the ingredient on and off around 10 years.  I also tried Differin gel for a few months which is a prescription-only medication is the UK.  However, I didn’t find Differin to be effective for my skin concerns.

Onto the cream I was prescribed from Dermatica, I find the cream consistency to be smooth and creamy. It spreads beautifully and is quickly absorbed.  It plays well with the subsequent layers too. I also appreciate that it doesn’t contain fragrance.

After patch-testing my Dermatica cream, I started to slowly incorporating it in my routine.  Three applications on the first week, then four the second week and every night by the third week (carefully not using any other actives at the same time).  After cleansing and toning (with a hydrating toner), I then apply a pump of the cream.  I try to wait for 3-5 minutes before applying the next layers.  I normally follow with a hyaluronic acid serum and lots of soothing moisturiser or a ceramide treatment.

My skin has been reacting extremely well to the treatment, no irritation at all.  By the end of the second week, I noticed a massive positive change in my skin texture, MUCH smoother and more even.  On top of that, my pores are less prominent and my complexion is visibly brighten.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the result so far hence this blogpost!

My first three months of treatment are complimentary but I will DEFINITELY carry on with the subscription.  I find the whole process very user-friendly, cost-effective and with glorious result.  It’s fabulous that you don’t have to pay or wait for an expensive face to face consultation with a dermatologist, not to mention the current unprecedented climate that potentially prevents us from attending the treatment.  I highly recommend Dermatica service!

Dermatica is currently running a free trial where you will get your first month free, simply pay £2.90 for postage.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Much love always,


Dermatica Skincare Service
Dermatica Skincare Service

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