I’m definitely on a journey of perfecting my skin, beyond using just skincare products.  If there’s “tweakments” that can do that without being too invasive, I’m there!  

As you might know, I had a laser treatment done (detailed here) and I’m over the moon with the results.  My pitted scars are less prominent and my skin texture has visibly improved.  To give my skin a further boost of life, I visited Eudelo Clinic for a VITAGROWTH BOOST.

About Eudelo Clinic


Eudelo is multi-award winning private skin clinic in Central London, founded and headed by Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams.

Eudelo treats the entire spectrum of skin diseases as well as provides Aesthetic Dermatology ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.


‘VITA’ for vitamins and mineral, and ‘GROWTH’ for growth factors.

The treatment involves feeding the skin with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and peptides (mesotherapy), teaming with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) medical needling – injecting your own growth factors into the skin.  This unique combination of synergistic treatments is offered in one session, providing the ultimate collagen boost, greatly improve skin elasticity and texture whilst reducing pore size.

The treatment took around 2.5 hours with 1 hr waiting for the local anaesthetic cream to be effective and 10 minutes blood preparation.  

Around 15ml of your blood is taken and then centrifuged to separate your plasma.  This plasma is packed with platelets which are able to generate growth factors and in turn can repair any skin damage.


In the first part of the treatment, the aesthetician injected the vitamin concoction all over my face every 1cm apart.  It wasn’t too painful, I would say it was uncomfortable though.  I can feel the pinpricks as she worked around my face. I felt slightly more on my left cheek.

The aesthetician worked in small areas, wiping away the numbing cream just prior to the injection so your skin is anaesthetised for as long as possible.

After, my face did look as if I had been stung all over but the swelling subsided quickly.

Once injected into the skin, the vitamin concoction provides the important nutrients to encourage regeneration of collagen and elastin.

The PRP and microneedling 

Following the mesotherapy, my plasma was spread over a small area at the time again starting on my forehead and was delivered into my skin using medical needling.  A pen-shaped motorised needling device with a grid of 10 tiny needles (Dermapen) was moved across my skin gently but firmly creating thousands of tiny puncture wounds.  This will force the skin to heal itself and create new collagen and elastin for a fresher and smoother skin while improving skin texture at the same time.

Admittedly, the sound made by the Dermapen was quite off-putting but the sensation wasn’t as bad.  That’s not to say it wasn’t uncomfortable but it wasn’t too painful or intolerable.  The needle length was long enough to cause pinprick bleeding as it moved around my face. 

By the time my whole face was finished, my skin was covered with blood, although only superficially and looked million times worse than how I actually felt. The terminology, The Vampire Facial, is actually aptly accurate (although the reference has more to do with it making use of your blood).

My face was then cleansed off revealing a tender, red and slightly raw skin.  Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation was then applied, this is a special foundation that is approved for usage after a skin treatment (more details here).  I felt fine travelling home using public transportation.


The Recovery 

As well as the strict instructions of only using Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation for the coverage when needed, I was instructed to use a Pharmacy-only cream, Dermol cream, as my cleanser and moisturiser.  The night after the treatment, I double-cleansed with Dermol cream and slightly dabbed the cream on for some hydration (the cream also contains antiseptic to prevent infection). My skin felt slightly tight and tender and looked slightly red.  That night, I slept ok, I wasn’t in pain but lightly irritated.

I have included all RAW and UNEDITED photos of me here so big apologies in advance if they are not glamorous!

The Eudelo VITAGROWTH BOOST – the night of the treatment

The followings are the notes I made following the treatment.

  • First day (being the day after the treatment): skin still looks red and slightly itchy but not in pain 
The Eudelo VITAGROWTH BOOST – Day 1 after treatment
  • Second day: less red, skin feels slightly tight, nose peels a little.  I wore makeup and attended an event.
  • Third day: skin feels tight but not too much, peeling around the nose. Skin feels textured and dry to the touch.  Slight bruising in a few areas.
  • Fourth day: middle part of face sloughing off.  Double cleanse with oil 
  • Fifth day: some parts of skin darkened and roughened, lightly peeling. Double cleansed with oil 
  • Sixth day: skin feels tight in some areas, also some prominent dry areas
  • Seventh day: most of skin patches have peeled off.  My skin looks noticeably brighter and smoother. Pores/ pitted acne scars look amazingly diminished. Hooray! so happy!
  • Eighth day: Very few dry patches left.  Up to today, I was strictly using only Dermol as my moisturiser. Started using Algenist serum and Eve Lom moisturiser pm
  • Nineth day: no dry patches. Skin texture feels back to normal.  Back to my normal skincare routine. 

The Results 

With the Eudelo VitaGrowth treatment, it is recommended to have a course of 3 sessions in 4 weeks intervals.  I only had one but I can definitely see the positive effects.

Ten days after the treatment at Eudelo, my skin was literally glowing with amazing clarity.  My pitted scars were extremely less prominent.  The texture of my skin was visibly improved.  My whole complexion was glowy, healthy and calm.  I felt extremely confident to venture out with no makeup at all. 

Final thoughts

It has been 6 weeks since my Eudelo Vitagrowth Boost treatment and I couldn’t be more pleased.  My skin texture has continued to improve.  My skin is glassy, gleaming with health.  My makeup goes on more effortlessly and beautifully.

I feel much happier in my own skin.  More importantly, I feel happy to go bare-faced, do makeup tutorials and so much more, things that I wasn’t confident enough to try.  Would I undergo the Eudelo VITAGROWTH BOOST treatment again? It’s a definite YES.  I love that a combination of effective and synergistic treatments is performed in one sitting to help boosting your skin health.  If you’re looking for a treatment to tackle tired, dull and textured skin, I highly recommend the Eudelo VITAGROWTH BOOST.

You can find more about VITAGROWTH BOOST treatment at Eudelo here.

Have you tried any “tweakments”?

Much love always,



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