SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Collection

It has been absolutely freezing in London! So I was delighted to preview SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Collection and now I can start dreaming of Spring!  This is such a comprehensive and pretty collection, including some of my favourite products from the brand and some gorgeous newness.

I have a lot to show and tell so let’s go!

Inspired by the dramatic displays of sunlight that breaks through clouds, this collection features a beautiful combination of vivid hues with delicate pearlescent textures.

The collection comprises of 2 Designing Color Eyes, 3 Glow Touch Eyes, 6 Color Ink Liquid Eyeliners, 5 Shimmering Liquid Blushes, 5 Stain Lip Lacquers and 3 Nail Color Polish.


SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Designing Color Eyes

These eyeshadow quads are the epitome of SUQQU’s Color Collection.  The delicate, clear pastel shades with a mint or a blue base are simply stunning!  The finish is fresh and has a unicorn vibe yet very grown-up appropriate.

Two new palettes were released:

  • 12 GENKOUAKANE:  The Fairy Mint shade adds a gorgeous shimmer, together with the Cherry Pink shade yield such a sweet and feminine vibe.  This palette has a warmer tone than the other palette in the collection.
  • 124 TOUKIYOU (Limited Edition):  I LOVE the Icy Blue shade!  So dazzling and cool.  I was pleasantly surprised how it complements the bright yellow shade.  
SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Designing Color Eyes Swatches

The eyeshadows have great pigmentation and blend effortlessly.  The longevity is excellent on my oily lids.  

The highlighting pastel shades are light, airy and impart a beautiful mesmerising luminous veil.  So fresh and even more youthful when they hit some sunlight!


SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Glow Touch Eyes

My favourite discovery from SUQQU last year!  I was excited to try out these three new shades in this collection.

  • 06 KIRAMOMO: Coral Pink, imparts fresh and youthful glow.  Pairs well with Shimmer Liquid Blush 03
  • 104 KIBUDOU (Limited Edition): a beautiful grape hue with crimson pearls
  • 105 AITOU (Limited Edition): a mystic blue creates a subtle smoky look
SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Glow Touch Eyes Swatches
Top-Bottom: 06 KIRAMOMO, 105 AITOU and 104 KIBUDOU

The formula is just as amazing as I have reviewed here.  Creamy texture that glides on your lids.  Effortless to blend out and long lasting.  Subtle shimmers that yield a sophisticated finish.  If you love cream eyeshadows, you would love SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes.


SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Stain Lip Lacquer

This Spring, SUQQU launched five shades which are all limited editions.

  • 101 KINIJI / Hologram Snow: Provides lips with a subtle veil of dreamy sparkle.
  • 102 URUSHIAME / Cinnamon Beige: A gorgeous nude for a natural finish.
  • 103 HIMEICHIGO / Ice Pink: Feminine & cool pink, a sophisticated finish.
  • 104 TOUHI / Spicy Red: A statement red suitable for all skin tones.
  • 105 HAKUAKE / Metallic Orange: A mesmerising copper hue.

I have shades 101, 102 and 104 to test out over the past 2 weeks.  They glide on my lips providing instant hydration and shine.  The lacquers feel light and extremely comfortable on without any sticky texture.  The formula is slightly buildable.  I find that I want to touch up after approximately 3 hours for intensity.

SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Stain Lip Lacquer Swatches
Top to Bottom: 102 URUSHIAME, 101 KINIJI and 104 TOUHI

Shade 101 KINIJI imparts a light veil that looks incredible under direct light.  I like layering 101 on top the other 2 shades, concentrating on the centre of my lower lip for that extra sophistication and glimmer.

The three shades I tested out are all fragrance-free.


SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Color Ink Liquid Eyeliners

This is a new offering from SUQQU and I am in love.  I have been testing these out for a good two weeks and have been pretty obsessed!

There are six shades available:

  • 01 Black: A jet black for strong, dramatic eyes.
  • 02 Brown: A light brown with delicate sparkles.
  • 03 Red: A vivid ruby red. 
  • 04 Navy Blue: A metallic blue with a sophisticated shine.
  • 101 Green (Limited Edition): A forest green with a matte finish.
  • 102 Shine Gold (Limited Edition): A gold with a pearlescent sheen.

For the first time, SUQQU is featuring a fine felt brush tip to allow more control and true precision. The fine tip has a perfect give that helps you draw with ease.  I’m not great at using liquid liners, I normally want to tug and pull my lids for a crisp line but these eyeliners make the process a breeze.

SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner Tip

The new eyeliner has water-resistant formula that withstands humidity, sweat and oil, and the Stretch Fit Polymer prevents cracking or flaking.

And SUQQU has definitely nailed the formula!  If you have been reading my blog, you would know I have oily lids and to find a formula that doesn’t budge AT ALL is a fabulous discovery! These liners last all day on me! No sign of smudging, flaking off or break down.  The lines stay crisp and clean the whole day. Holy smokes! They are easy to remove however! MAGIC!

Shade 03 is the first red liner that I am willing to rock during the day! A red that’s not too over the top and would be appropriate even for office wear.  Same goes for the forest green, absolutely easy and flattering to wear.  The brown shade has subtle shimmer that gives my look an edge which I love.

SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Color Ink Liquid Eyeliners Swatches
Left to Right: 101 Green, 03 Red, 01 Black and 02 Brown

SUQQU Shimmer Liquid Blush | £26

SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Shimmer Liquid Blush

I have saved the best till last!

First of all, can we take a moment to admire the luxurious and chic packaging!  The formula is also worth singing about too.

These new liquid blushes feature a moisturising formula of water and four different beauty oils (Jojoba Seed, Olive Fruit, Macadamia Seed and Sunflower Seed oils), offering a hydrated, seamless finish on the skin. 

There are five shades available:

  • 01 USUMOMOKURUMI: Skin Pink, adds a flash of natural-looking colour with a hint of sparkle. 
  • 02 TSUBAKIMOMO: a Raspberry Red
  • 03 MITSUKOUSHI: Hot Orange, subtle yet fiery hue that reveals a healthy complexion.  Love love this shade 
  • 101 JAKUZAKURA (Deep Cassis) : Limited Edition, a muted mauve with a pearlescent finish.
  • 102 TSUYASHISO (Orchid Pink): Limited Edition, a blue-toned pink for a beautifully cool look. This shade is slightly too light for my skin tone.

Absolutely Exquisite!  These blushes would flatter any skin types, even the more mature type.  

Apart from shade 101, I was sent the other four shades. They are an absolute pleasure to wear!  The colour payoff is incredible, a little goes a long way.  They blend and melt seamlessly into my skin.  I powder them down because I have oily skin but the freshness still peep through beautifully.  They last well and don’t look greasy.  Just natural and healthy radiance!

SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Shimmer Liquid Blush Swatches

For application, you can simply use your fingers to apply and blend.  I’m spoiled, as I have the new SUQQU Blush brush (reviewed here) that I could also reach for.

Final thoughts 

I’m in awe this SUQQU Spring Summer Collection.  The finish is fresh, youthful and enchanting.  I highly recommend checking out the Shimmer Liquid Blushes and the Color Ink Liquid Eyeliners.

The SUQQU Spring/Summer 2019 Color Collection is available from 31st January 2019 at Selfridges and 14th February 2019 at counters in Harrods and Fenwick. 

Will you be checking this collection out? 

Thank you for being here today!

Much love always,


SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Collection

This post featured products that were generously provided for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own and unbiased.

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