BREAKING NEWS! Sandy got lashes! Yup, I do indeed!  Being Vietnamese, I have to put up with short and dead straight lashes.  Things got even worse after 2 childbirths, my lashes just seem to give up on me!

I came across RevitaLash while watching an evening routine of Angie of HotandFlashes.  After doing a little further research, I wanted to try it ASAP!

Fast forward a few months later, I now have been trying a few items from the range for nearly 8 weeks.  This review is long overdue!

A gift that began with LOVE

RevitaLash® was created by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff as a gift to his wife, whose intensive chemotherapy sessions to treat breast cancer had left her with thin and brittle eyelashes.  As a practising opthalmologist for over 25 years, Dr Brinkenhiff created RevitaLash® to restore his wife’s luscious eyelashes.  RevitaLash® was the first cosmetic eyelash conditioner to be made available to the general public and continues to be the most technologically advanced in eyelash conditioning!

Committed to the enhancement of natural beauty for men and women, the company has progressed and extended their range with other products such as RevitaBrow® Eyebrow Conditioner, Hair Advanced by RevitaLash®, Volumizing Primer and Volumizing Mascara.

RevitaLash® Advanced | £104/3.5ml

The serum contains:

BioPeptin Complex® – Biotin, green tea extract rich in panthenol, peptides, and lipids help condition and strengthen brows while defending from breakage and brittleness.

Ginseng & Swertia Japonica – Plant extracts high in antioxidants and vitamin B; help protect and revitalise.

Saw Palmetto – High in fatty acids and plant sterols; help condition and shine.

Wheat Protein – High in amino acids, peptides, and B vitamins; help fortify, smooth, and condition.

A supply of 3.5ml will provide approximately 6 months of use.

How I use it

The application is very simple and easy with the thin and flexible tip.  Every night before I retire to bed, I would draw a line of RevitaLash®  Advanced along the base of my upper lash, as if I was applying eyeliner.  I do make sure that my eyelashes are free of any makeup or residue.

My experience

As mentioned, I have been using RevitaLash®  Advanced for around 8 weeks.  I’ve been extremely good and only missed 3 days within the period!  RevitaLash®  Advanced stops my lashes from falling out too fast and giving them a chance to grow.

Around 5-6 weeks in, I started to really notice the extra length and thickness of my lashes.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take any decent closeups of my lashes prior to using the serum.   My lashes have lengthened around 1-2mm which in lash-terms that is beyond amazing!  I think my lower lashes are longer too, possibly some serum touches them when I close my eyes.  I can not describe how lush my lashes are now, a few coats of mascara and it looks likes I am wearing falsies!

Side effects?  I haven’t noticed any.  My eyes are not irritated and my vision is not affected.

Revitalash® New Bloom Brow Enhancement Collection (RRP £99)

This set comes in a white Leatherette cometic bag and includes RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner 3ml as well as a Double-Ended Volume Set (Volumizing Macara Raven 3.0ml/Volumizing Primer 3.0ml)

RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

The serum contains:

BioPeptin Complex® – Biotin, green tea extract rich in panthenol, peptides, and lipids help condition and strengthen brows while defending from breakage and brittleness.

Calendula – A natural humectant, which helps the eyebrows retain moisture so that they don’t become dry and brittle.

Swertia Japonica & Panax Ginseng – Plant extracts high in antioxidants and Vitamin B, help protect, nutrify, and revitalise.

How I use it:

Before I go to bed, I run one coat of RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner over my brows.  The applicator is soft and spreads the conditioner out effortlessly.

My experience:

I haven’t encountered any irritation with the product for the last 8 weeks.   My eyebrows are significantly longer.  I’m not sure if there’s any regrowth from the areas that I have happily overplucked some years ago!  Now that my eyebrows are longer and healthier, I am intending to have them professionally reshaped.

Double-Ended Volume Set

This is a two-in-one Volumizing Primer and Volumizing Mascara.  I love the idea as I do use lash primer every day hence this makes one less thing for me to rummage through my drawers in the morning rush.  It also makes packing a little easier on my travels.

At one end, you have the Volumizing Primer, featuring a distinctive indigo blue shade to brighten the eyes and intensify the depth of the Volumizing Mascara Raven.  Prepping lashes with Volumizing Primer smooths out any unruly eyelashes and helps extend longevity of the mascara.  I have tried lots and lots of lash primers, personally I prefer a little more fibres in the formula to help lengthen and volumize my lashes to the max (I’m greedy like that:))

I find the Volumizing Mascara offers extra length but not too much added volume.  You can build multiple applications without the clumping which is great.  The formula is quite wet but not too wet or heavy that would weigh down my lashes.  It stays well throughout the day and doesn’t smudge on my oily eyelids.  The mascara can be removed easily with my normal eye makeup remover.

RevitaLash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel | £32

The Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel comes in two shades, Soft Brown and Dark Brown.  I have Soft Brown and it suits my chestnut hair colour well.  It’s fabulous that there’s an unique double-ended applicator with a styling brush and comb on one end and soft bristle spoolie brush on opposite end for precision application.  Another time saving multi-functional design!

The formula contains Peptides and Oat Beta Glucan to condition and enhance the appearance of brows by protecting your brows from brittleness and breakage.  The Brow Gel does a good job to tame my unruly brows while sculpting it.  I love tinted brow gel as it can build on your other chosen brow products and help achieving fuller-looking brows.

Final thoughts

I am absolutely blown away by the results after 8 weeks of use.  Thanks to RevitaLash®  Advanced my eyelashes are beyond luscious, seriously something I thought I could only dream of!  My eyebrows are long and thick giving me an option to reshape.  I will definitely purchase a new RevitaLash®  Advanced supply once my current one runs out.  No more short lashes!

Do you use any lash conditioning serums?

Thank you for being here today!

Much love always,


This post featured products that were generously provided for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own and unbiased.

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