Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson Haul

CThaul1Some of the well known bloggers started talking about this collection from March this year and I waited patiently for the release at the beginning of July.

I’m super excited to share with you the items that I now proudly own.

1.  The “On call” Makeup bag as picture in the above picture.  It is super cute!

2.  The Colour of Youth Cream Blusher

3. The Dreamy Glow Highlighter Powder.

4. The 1975 Red Matte Revolution Lipstick.

How amazing are these packaging!


A close-up of the Colour of Youth Cream Blusher and the Dreamy Glow Highlighter.


The 1975 Red Matte Revolution Liptick


I will be posting reviews very soon!  For more beautiful pictures, please check out my Instagram.

I purchased the items from Charlotte Tilbury website.  You can also purchase the Collection from Selfridges.

Have you purchased any item from the Collaboration? What is your favourite product from Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics?

Thank you for reading.


“Everything is so beautiful when you stop looking for flaws.”


    • Sandyxo
      12th July 2015 / 8:39 am

      Too beautiful that I almost don’t want to use it:)

  1. 12th July 2015 / 1:18 pm

    I just love Charlotte Tilbury! Need to check out this collection when I’m next in Selfridges. Amazing photos ?

  2. 12th July 2015 / 4:38 pm

    Everything is gorgeous! But the lipstick is the showstopper for me ?

    • Sandyxo
      14th July 2015 / 10:43 am

      I think it is mine too!xo

    • Sandyxo
      20th July 2015 / 1:42 am

      Exactly! Thank you for stopping by!xo

  3. 13th July 2015 / 12:43 pm

    i bought the eyes to mesmerise in cleopatra (the intense green) and their eyebrow pencil in cara. HAVENT used them! they also sent me a sample of the magic cream.. yep haven’t used any of them. they look sooo pretty i’m afraid i’ll ruin them! lol

    • Sandyxo
      14th July 2015 / 10:42 am

      I know exactly what you mean:))) I’m so very the same lol

  4. 13th July 2015 / 8:54 pm

    The packaging of the products looks so gorgeous, you almost want to buy it for that alone!

    • Sandyxo
      14th July 2015 / 10:42 am

      Mmmmmm that is the case with me!lol

  5. 14th July 2015 / 3:34 am

    Hi Doll, I have just nominated you to take part in the love hate tag, please visit my page evolvinglolo to find out how to take part thanks x

    • Sandyxo
      14th July 2015 / 10:42 am

      Thanks babe!xo

  6. 14th July 2015 / 11:54 am

    Great picks Sandy! I’m yet to decide on what to get as I’ve changed my mind so many times! LOL
    Have a great week! Lots of xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

  7. 15th July 2015 / 4:40 am

    Love the images you post.., always something glamorous to enjoy…

    Vivienne X

    • Sandyxo
      16th July 2015 / 7:38 pm

      Thank you darl! Thanks for reading!xo

  8. 16th July 2015 / 8:02 am

    Beautiful pictures 🙂 loved reading this

    • Sandyxo
      16th July 2015 / 7:38 pm

      Thank you so much!xo

  9. 17th July 2015 / 2:34 pm

    Beautiful pictures. Love it! x

    • Sandyxo
      19th July 2015 / 1:23 am

      Thank you Julie!xo

    • Sandyxo
      20th July 2015 / 1:40 am

      Thank you so much Julie! Thank you for stopping by!xo

  10. 27th July 2015 / 4:35 am

    Your picture are beautful. I am ashamed to say that I have never tried Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics, I would love to after reading this post.

    • Sandyxo
      27th July 2015 / 10:43 am

      Thank you! It’s a luxury brand so sometimes it is just all about the packaging. It depends on what’s important to you! Thanks for reading!xo

  11. 29th July 2015 / 8:27 pm

    Congratulations!! I nominated YOU for the SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS AWARD because I think your blog is amazing and you deserve it. Please see my latest post for details!

    • Sandyxo
      29th July 2015 / 11:53 pm

      Thank you darl!xo

      • 30th July 2015 / 3:25 am

        Your welcome. I look forward to reading your post.

  12. 31st July 2015 / 9:16 pm

    HI! I am new to the blogging world and came across your blog 😀 Very pretty collection! Love the colors and packaging^^ I am a sucker for beautiful/cute packaging!

    • Sandyxo
      31st July 2015 / 10:52 pm

      Thank you!! Looking forward to reading your posts!xo

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