Burberry Nude (No.002) Wet &Dry Glow Eyeshadow


Here’s some thing new at Burberry beauty house. They have just launched a new eyeshadow line.  Burberry Nude (No.002) Wet and Dry Glow Eyeshadow is one of the new formulation of Burberry single eye shadows.  as far as I’m aware the sheer version will be discontinued.

Burberry Nude (No.002) is a medium-dark golden brown with a hint of gray and a frosted, metallic finish.  It is a little darker than the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Himalia ( I will review the Nars Dual Intensity Eye palette in a later post).

My first experience with Burberry Eyeshadow was with the limited edition Complete Eye Palette Gold No.2.  I love the palette although I find that the shadows are so smooth and silky and too blendable.  It is hard to distinguish all the colours on my eyelids.  I normally use one or two shades on that palette for one look.

Burberry Nude (No.002) is a pleasure to use.  The formula is so smooth, silky and a dream to apply.  It is incredibly easy to blend to a soft, diffused edges.  It is so easy that I would apply with my fingers.  If my fingers could reach ecstasy, they would:)

As the name suggested, Burberry Nude (No.002)  can be used wet or dry.  I prefer the dry application as it is softer and easier to sheer out.  Applying with a dampened brush will result a darker shade and more metallic which in turns would emphasise texture on my lids.




I have been reaching for this everyday for a quick natural look and I am loving it.  When I am in the mood or not pushed for time, I will use my Viseart Neural Matte Eye Palette 01 to deepen my creases and to give it a more smokey look.

Pairing with primer, the shadow normally lasts for 7-8 hours on my oily lids before creasing.

Verdict: It is pure love.  Although the colour is very dupable but I dare say the texture is unmatchable.

I purchased Burberry Nude (No.002) Wet & Dry Glow eyeshadow fromBurberry.com.  They are providing a free complimentary next day service with option of free gift wrapping.  I received my eyeshadows in a gorgeous Burberry bag tied with a bow made from a luxurious taupe satin ribbon.

Update: I love the Burberry Nude(No.002) enough to purchase another shade in the line, Burberry Gold Pearl(No.001).  Review and swatch will follow.

Will you be trying any of the new Burberry Wet & Dry eyeshadows?


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  1. 25th April 2015 / 10:06 am

    I must admit Sandy, i have tried swatching the Burberry eyeshadows at the counter and never really seen any pay off. They do feel very smooth and maybe they apply much better on the eyelids because, when i see other swatches, including yours, they always look very pigmented. Very odd! I do love Burberry makeup though and own some of the lipsticks.

  2. Sandyxo
    25th April 2015 / 10:16 am

    Hi Mirifique Beauty, hope you are doing great! I do find Burberry eyeshadows texture and payoff hit and miss. Of all the 4 new Glow eyeshadows, I only find Nude worth having as it is most pigmented. I find applying Nude on top of Mac Soft Ochre would yield a much more pigmented and complex result. I tend not using it wet…Too lazy hahaha Wish I can lend you mine so you can play around with lol Have a fab weekend!xo

    • 25th April 2015 / 11:25 am

      Thanks Sandy. That sounds like a great combo. Have you tried the new Guerlain Ecrin 1 Colour eyeshadows yet? They are lovely and super soft. I have Taupe Secret so far. Have a lovely day xx

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