SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Collection Review & Swatches  

SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Collection Review & Swatches  
SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Collection Review & Swatches  


Let’s talk Autumn Winter Collection namely SUQQU AW22 Collection which I have had the pleasure to try for some weeks. The collection features sophisticated colour combinations inspired by the autumn breeze with multidimensional textures and vivid shades.

What’s in SUQQU AUTUMN WINTER 2022 collection?

  • Signature Color Eyes 09, 10, 11, 117*
  • Melting Powder Blush 09 & 10
  • Pure Color Blush 132* & 133*
  • Sheer Matte Lipstick 13, 14, 110* 111*, 112*
  • Nuance Eyeliner 104*, 105*, 106*
  • Glow Highlighter Stick 101* & 102*

*limited edition

Available now at Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty London and Cult Beauty

Signature Color Eyes

SUQQU Signature Color Eyes 117
SUQQU Signature Color Eyes 117

There are three permanent and one limited-edition colour combinations joining the Signature Color Eyes range this season, with dramatic, fiery shades.

  • 09 Kaorikaze – A warm combination of deep red and glistening gold
  • 10 Irohaatsume  – This sophisticated quad features a blend of pink-brown and yellow, inspired by fallen leaves
  • 11 Yoiyukari – Icy Grey x Shimmery Purple 
  • 117 Akiurei – Limited edition quad that contains green pearls and a red-brown, with complementary pale pink for a soft finish.

These quads have my heart. The eyeshadows are incredible smooth and blend effortlessly. I was sent the limited-edition quad 117 and the pearly green shade is so pretty, very wearable and easy to create look with. The reddish brown is the only matte shade in the quad with an ultra smooth and buttery texture. Such a pleasure to use to add warmth and depth to the look. I would totally wear this shade as a one-and-done shade.

Melting Powder Blush

SUQQU Melting Powder Blush 10
SUQQU Melting Powder Blush 10

If you haven’t tried SUQQU Melting Powder Blush, you must! It’s truly unique, the texture is incredibly buttery and smooth. The application is a dream, so effortless and flawless.

The two new shades are permanent additions to the range.

  • 09 Karenzaki – A soft beige with pink pearl
  • 10 Okuhibiki – A deep berry red with a matte finish, for a natural-looking flush of colour. This shade screams autumn and I can not wait to wear it more!

Sheer Matte Lipstick

SUQQU Sheer Matte Lipstick 112
SUQQU Sheer Matte Lipstick 112

Next we have two permanent and three limited-edition shades joining the Sheer Matte Lipstick range. These lipsticks are really comfortable to wear and long-lasting without drying the lips. Apply one layer for soft pigment or more layers for high intensity.

  • 13 Youka – A floral pink that brightens the complexion with natural warmth
  • 14 Yawatsutsumi – A sophisticated nude beige 
  • 110* Ayaazuki – A deep copper red with delicate gold shimmer particles
  • 111* Jyukubudou – A unique silver mauve shade with soft silver pearl
  • 112* Houjitsu – A warm orange-brown with subtle shimmer

I have shade 112 which is such a stunning warm orange-brown, great for transitioning from summer and autumn. Shade 14 on the other hand is a perfect nude that goes with any looks.

SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Collection Review & Swatches  
SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Collection Review & Swatches  

Pure Colour Blush 

Two limited-edition shades join the iconic Pure Colour Blush range and the colour stories are gorgeous!

  • 132 Momijigari – Vivid vermillion-red, inspired by the hue of autumnal leaves, blended with a gold pearl highlight
  • 133 Akinagare – A gradation of warm orange-brown blush and very pale green highlighter for that soft glow 

Glow Highlighter Stick

I love cream highlighters and these Glow Highlighter Sticks look amazing as well as unique. These can be used as a base or layered on top of makeup to add luminosity.

  • 101 Light Green – Light green and white pearls create translucent, glowing skin with a glass-like finish
  • 102 Holo Pink – Shimmering pink and yellow pearls add a healthy-looking radiance to the complexion

Nuance Eyeliner

Last but by no means least, three new limited-edition shades joining the Nuance Eyeliner range. These eyeliners are a pleasure to use.

  • 104 Olive – A unique green with yellow undertone, for a striking look
  • 105 Saffron Orange – A deep, red-toned yellow with a perfect balance of brightness and depth
  • 106 Dusty Pink – A soft, grey-pink with a light finish, perfect for highlighting the eyes

SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Collection is available to purchase here:

Will you be checking this collection out?

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