SUQQU Premium Skincare Range – VIALUME | New Launch

SUQQU Premium Skincare Range – VIALUME
SUQQU Premium Skincare Range – VIALUME


The beauty philosophy behind SUQQU revolves around elevating each person’s radiance –  expressing each person’s individuality.  As an avid fan, I always love how SUQQU products offer a gentle and natural glow to the skin.  Introducing SUQQU’s most advanced skincare line yet – VIALUME, formulated to provide radiance and anti-ageing benefits.  Derived from Latin, via meaning road and lume meaning light, this new range of three products leads you on the road to clear, radiant skin.  I definitely like the sound of that!

The VIALUME collection consists of a three step routine and centres around five skin characteristics that create the perfect glow: moisture, firmness, smoothness, translucency and brightness.  

  • Serum to instil
  • Lotion to spread
  • Cream to seal multi-dimensional, long-lasting glow

Key ingredients 

The collection utilises the SUQQU’s original VIALUME Complex, which was designed specifically to create glow from within

This moisturising complex is made up of six highly moisturising components, including glucosamine, amino acid derivatives and four types of plant extracts:

  • Acetyl Glucosamine: a naturally-derived component that is a constituent element of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin that increases quantity of Hyaluronic Acids in the epidermis layer
  • Methylserine: an amino acid derivative that increases quantity of Hyaluronic Acids in the dermis layer
  • Nasturtium Officinale Extract: extract from a herb known as watercress, which increases quantity of water channel proteins
  • Equisetum Arvense Extract: extract derived from the whole horsetail plant, includes silicic acid, saponin and flavonoids. This increases levels of Collagen in the dermis layer
  • Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Extract: extract from the blossoms of white flowers that bloom in clove shrubs which suppresses the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the skin
  • Zostera Marina Extract: a type of seagrass native to sandy areas in the subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere that promotes the skin metabolism to create healthy cornified layer

The collection is complemented with a fragrance reminiscent of a Japanese incense ceremony. 

  • Base notes: cedarwood, sandalwood, amber and labdanum, creating a woody scent
  • Middle notes: combine rose, lily of the valley, adenoncos, magnolia and cassis, for a dignified, floral aspect 
  • Top notes: pear, ylang-ylang, leafy green and pink pepper balance the deeper base notes to complete the fragrance

I normally don’t mind fragrance in skincare as long as they are subtle and pleasant which it is in this case.  I haven’t experienced any irritation too. The scent is pure bliss! (My husband loves it too!)

SUQQU VIALUME The Serum | £150

SUQQU Premium Skincare Range – VIALUME
SUQQU VIALUME Premium Skincare Range

The first step in the routine: instil the glow

The formula is designed to refine the skin, priming it for maximum absorption of the lotion and cream that follow.  It’s a rich base serum with a combination of water and oil content for that luxurious texture.  I love how it spreads easily and quickly absorbed, providing an instant boost of moisture to hydrate and plump the skin.  The serum feels soothing and lightweight on without any stickiness.

SUQQU VIALUME The Serum Texture


I take about 2 pumps in my palm and apply it to the skin in a pressing motion, working from the inner part of the face towards the outer part.  I also apply onto the neck area in a downward motion, then massage from the top of your hairline towards my collarbones.

SUQQU VIALUME The Lotion | £120

The second step in the routine: spread the glow

The next layer of the Lotion thoroughly moisturises to plump the skin and ensure radiance is spread throughout the skin. The rich, oil-containing lotion spreads with ease and feels super comfortable and contains SUQQU’s original VIALUME Complex for maximum glow. The formula loosens as it is working into the skin, sinking in effortlessly and providing long-lasting moisture.

SUQQU VIALUME The Serum Texture
SUQQU VIALUME The Lotion Texture


I apply 1 pump directly onto my  hand and work into the skin from the middle of my face, moving outwards towards the hairline. If you prefer a lighter texture, you can take 2 pumps on a cotton pad and sweep over the skin, working from the inner part of the face to the outer.

SUQQU VIALUME The Cream | £220


The final step in the routine: maintain the glow

This cream is pure heaven!  Along with SUQQU’s original VIALUME Complex, the cream also contains Alpinia speciose leaf extract to provide resilience and hydration.  

The texture is insanely smooth and silky.  Super elegant and lightweight yet beautifully rich! Made with a blend of several oils, the cream instantly melts into a smooth liquid and is absorbed into my skin effortlessly to seal in the previous steps. My skin literally just soaks it all up. It feels absolutely nurturing and cocooning! Furthermore, a little goes a long way with SUQQU Vialume Cream!

I simply love how bouncy, juicy and happy my skin feels! I always wake up with such calm and glowing skin the next morning.

SUQQU VIALUME The Cream Texture
SUQQU VIALUME The Cream Texture


With the included golden spatula, I scoop about 1 pearl-sized amount which I find is more than efficient for my face and neck.  Starting from middle parts of my face, I would gently spread towards the outer parts. Then massage the upper and lower halves, from the middle of the face to the hairline, finish off by massaging  from the top of the hairline down towards the collarbones.  This is such a luxurious and sensorial experience!


In summary, SUQQU Premium Skincare Range VIALUME oozes luxury, from the impressive and artistic packaging to the elegant textures.  The steps work in synergy to plump, firm and brighten the skin without the heavy and sticky feel.  I think the collection is absolutely perfect for those with dry to normal skin who are looking for anti-ageing benefits, lots of hydration and nurturing!

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  1. 26th October 2020 / 9:23 pm

    Such a gorgeous range ! Look so lush and your photos are perfect !

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