The first essential skincare step – New Sisley Cleansers


Sisley NEW Balm Cleansers
Sisley NEW Cleansers

Undoubtedly, one of most important steps in my skincare is cleansing.  We all know make-up, excess sebum, pollution and impurities build up on the skin throughout the day therefore removing all traces at the end of each day is paramount to help maintain our skin health and youth.

Alongside the fabulous new launch of Le Phyto-Gloss (full review here), Sisley also releases two new cleansers to offer the ultimate cleansing experience.

Adding to their Radiance Foaming Cream (released in 2019), the two new cleansers are Triple-Oil Balm Make-up Remover & Cleanser and Eye & Lip Gel Make-Up Remover.

Firstly, I really love the packaging.  The light blue offers that calmness and tranquility that we all need at the end of a stressful day, bringing us back to the important self-care moments.  Furthermore, the two new and innovative make-up removers are enriched with skincare active ingredients to protect the skin.


NEW Sisley Triple-Oil Balm Make-Up Remover & Cleanser
Sisley Triple-Oil Balm Make-Up Remover & Cleanser

This is a luxurious, creamy and comforting balm cleanser that you’ll fall in love with.  The cleanser is a rich and creamy complex of oils and a butter to nourish, soften and soothe.

Active ingredients:

  • Babassu oil: nourishing properties
  • Shea oil: restores
  • Macadamia oil: mimics the hydrolipidic film and softens the skin
  • Mango butter: protects and contributes to hydration
  • Alpha-Bisabolol of natural origin and Peony infused oil: soothes

Upon application, the balm quickly melts away and becomes a silky, lightweight oil texture, no lumps or bits remaining.  It dislodges and dissolves everything, including stubborn makeup (think waterproof mascara).  What I also like about the balm is that it doesn’t sting my eyes at this stage if I open them.  On contact with water, it then transforms into a soft milky emulsion which doesn’t lather up.  All can be easily washed off with water, leaving my skin soft, supple and comforted without any greasy residue.

I’ve been incorporating the balm in my skincare routine for a few weeks and haven’t experienced any irritation or congestion (for reference, I have combo skin). 

There’s a delicate, pleasant scent that adds to the sensorial experience.  Personally I appreciate the fragrance, procuring a delightful moment of escape.

For your convenience, there’s a spatula included allowing you to scoop up the product without contaminating the remaining in the jar.  The inner lid allows the product to stay air-sealed which is fabulous.  Sometimes I find it slightly difficult to put the inner lid back on snuggly because of my long nails.


New Sisley Eye And Lip Gel Make-Up Remover
Sisley Eye And Lip Gel Make-Up Remover

This is an innovative and unique formula that I haven’t come across.  Such a beautiful melting gel texture that feels gentle on the eyes.  The smooth, opalescent gel texture is soft, lightweight and non-greasy which I adore. In addition, I love that it comes in dispensing pump that makes it convenient and easy to use.

The formula of the make-up removing gel is saturated with moisturising and soothing active ingredients to leave the eye contour soft and comfortable.

  • Peony extract: provides softness and comfort
  • Cornflower hydrolat: soothes and softens
  • Pro-vitamin B5 and Glycerine of vegetable origin: contributes to the skin’s hydration
  • Toning key ingredients complex – Ginseng extract and Orange blossom flower water: refreshes the eye contour

For application, I prefer to pump out a small amount and gently massage into my eyes, softly dislodge my eyeliner and mascara then wipe off with a cotton pad/cloth.  I find the massaging process soothing and relaxing.  Alternatively, you can also dispense a small amount onto a cotton pad then gently wipe away your eye and lip makeup.

Effectively, my makeup is removed, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara.  Moreover my lashes feel soft and hydrated.  My eye contours are toned and refreshed.

Overall, I’m thoroughly enjoying adding these new Sisley cleansers in my routine.  They offer the ultimate beauty ritual to lift away impurities and soothe/care for the skin.

Find Sisley new Cleansers at:

Much love always,


New Sisley Triple-Oil Balm Make-Up Remover & Cleanser
Sisley Triple-Oil Balm Make-Up Remover & Cleanser

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