GUERLAIN Mad Eyes Collection Review

Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection

GUERLAIN has just released a rose gold eye collection and it has my full attention!  MAD EYES range features makeup-skincare hybrids where the products have performance as well as care and conditioning effects.  This collection is so very welcome since eye makeup is probably the only makeup that is necessary these days, everything else is covered or rubbed away under face masks anyway!

The collection consists of:

  • Mascara in Mad Black, Mad Brown and Mad Blue
  • Brow Framer in Blonde, Brown and Brunette
  • Contrast Shadow Duo in four shades
  • Precise Liner in Matte Black
  • Intense Liner in Glossy Black and Glossy Brown

I have a few things from the collection to show you here.

Mad Eyes Mascara Buildable Volume Lash By Lash | £28

Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara

I love Guerlain Cils Maxi Lash Mascara and was excited to try this new launch.  The Mad Eyes Mascara comes in the same design as Maxi Lash but in rose gold (which I love).  


  • Beeswax: coats each lash individually for a defined, clump-free result
  • Cotton extracts: smoothing the surface of lashes and densifying the fibres at their core
  • D-panthenol: helps keep lashes hydrated, flexible and healthy 

The new mascara didn’t disappoint!  It does a fabulous job giving my lashes some much needed length and volume.  I love how my lashes are well defined and never get clumpy. It doesn’t flake or smudge on me too.

The formula contains D-panthenol or Vitamin B which is well known for its ability to nourish and hydrate lashes therefore with regular use your lashes can become thicker, longer and healthier.  I always love makeup infused with active ingredients therefore I would definitely gravitate towards using Mad Eyes Mascara.

Mad Eyes Brow Framer Natural Volume Gel | £31

Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer

There are three shades available: Blonde, Brown and Brunette.  Mad Eyes Brow Framer is designed to gently shape, define and add volume to the brow line.

I can’t remember the last time I see a brow comb like this one (see pic below), so it did take me a few attempts to master the technique. You only need to dispense a tiny amount of the tinted gel onto the applicator and use small movements to glide across the base of my brow towards the outer tip.  This will allow you to shape and distribute the tint evenly.

Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer

I have shade Brown and it’s absolutely perfect for a natural, defined brows.  Since my brows are quite sparse I would draw in with some brow liner after using the Mad Eyes Brow Framer to further define the shape.  The Brow Framer does a good job to keep my brows in place too (without that crispiness looking finish).

The tinted gel formula contains same active ingredients as the Mad Eyes Mascara to promote thicker and longer eyebrows with regular use.

Mad Eyes Contrast Shadow Duo | £28

Guerlain Mad Eyes Contrast Shadow Duo

These are convenient duo ended twist-up pens.  Each houses a contrasting pair of matte and iridescent shades.

There are four duos available:

  • Ash Green/Pearly Green
  • Warm Brown/Golden Brown
  • Night Grey/Icy Grey
  • Red Plum/Copper Plum

Out of the four duos, I was sent the Night Grey/Icy Grey which I can effortlessly create a smokey eye-look with.  The intensity is buildable to suit an easy daytime look to night-time glam.  I really like the formula, the texture is creamy and glides on my lids smoothly with AMAZING colour pay-off.  The eyeshadows set relatively quick but you do have enough time to blend whether with your finger tips or brushes.

These duos are fab for easy everyday makeup, no brush required.  They last all day on my oily lids.

Mad Eyes Precise Liner | £31 

Guerlain Mad Eyes Precise Liner

I’m very particular about liquid eyeliners, partly because I’m not the best at drawing them and partly due to my hooded lids.  There is a certain feel and the right long soft tip that I’m after and this Precise Liner tick all the boxes for me! 

The pen is lightweight with the right length to aid the application.  The tip is flexible that it doesn’t tug as you draw.  The fine tip allows you to precisely adjust the thickness of the line.  Also I really love the intense matte black finish.

On my oily and hooded (slightly) lids, the liner lasts all day without bleeding, flaking or breaking.  Definitely a great liquid liner to wear during summer!

Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection Swatches

Find GUERLAIN Mad Eyes Collection at:

Much love always,


Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection

This post featured products that were generously provided for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own and unbiased.

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