I have a great affinity to makeup brushes.  A girl can never have enough brushes right!:)  For snippets of my brush collection, check out photos on my Instagram.

Today I’d like to introduce a fabulous brand to you – Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an online cosmetic brand based in Ireland and was founded in October 2011 by Una Tynan, a makeup artist and entrepreneur. Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ philosophy is simple: We see the face as a “blank canvas” with endless possibilities. Blank Canvas Cosmetics aim to bringing you quality products at an affordable price.

I’d like to think that my brush arsenal is very healthy, ranging across all price points.  On testing out the brushes that was kindly sent to me from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, I am thoroughly impressed.

In this post, I will feature the “My Face and Eye” Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set With Cup Holder. Be ready to feast your eyes on plenty of photos:)

With all the brushes in this set, I find the handles to be weighted and the bristles are soft. And more importantly they all perform extremely well for applications.

The “My Face and Eye” Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set comes with a dust bag, a sturdy faux leather cup holder and contains:


F02: Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush (Foundation/Concealer application) (Vegan friendly)

F03: Large Duo Fibre Stipple/Highlight Brush (Foundation/Blush/Highlight application)

F15: Small Tapered Red Bristles (Contour application)

F25: Large Powder/Bronzer (Powder/Bronzer application) (Vegan friendly)

F20: Hot Pink HD Flat Brush (Foundation/Powder application) (Vegan friendly)


E23: Short Pencil (Outer V shadow application/ Eye smudger brush)

E24: Flat Shader (Eyeshadow placement)

E25: Round Top Blending Brush(Eyeshadow blending brush)

E26: Blending Brush ( Eyeshadow blending)

E28: Ultra Fine Liner (Eyeliner brush) (Vegan friendly)

E30: Brow/Spoolie (Brow grooming application) (Vegan friendly)

L29: Lip Brush/Winged Eyeliner Brush (Lip liner/Lipstick application) (Vegan friendly)

Let’s talk about THE FACE BRUSHES!


This brush is made from synthetic fibre.  The handle is very weighted and well made.  I don’t usually use paddle brush to apply foundation.  I would use the foundation brush of F02 to blend my under eye concealer before using the concealer brush end to get right under my lower lash lines and inner corners of my eyes.  The concealer brush on F02 is soft, has the perfect cut and density to work around my under eye areas.  It’s also great for carving out your eyebrows, lips and spot-concealing.


The Large Fibre Stipple/Highlight brush is made from a blend of goats hair and synthetic fibres.  The bristles are soft and 4cm long.  I generally reach for this type of brush to apply very pigmented cream blushers.  After picking up the cream product, I stipple the product on and use circular motions to blend.  This yields a very natural and flushed finish… great for “no makeup” makeup look.  I have also been using F03 to pick up loose powder to lightly set my foundation.


The bristles are made from synthetic fibres. The bristles are fluffy and soft yet quite dense. Great to use with powder to set foundation.  I like to use pressing motions for a more lasting and even finish.  You can definitely use this brush for bronzer application. My personal preference would be a smaller brush that would allow more precise product placement.  This brings us to the next brush…


The bristles are made from natural goats hair.  This is my favourite brush from the set.  To be honest, the red bristles did put me off a little… rather intimidating:)  The bristles are soft and packed quite densely.  They are of graduated lengths (max 3cm) with a slightly pointed tip.  The length, shape and density of the bristles make the brush so perfect for contouring, highlighting and to set under eye concealer.  F15 does an excellent job of product placement and blending.  I have washed F15 and the colour didn’t run which is fabulous.


This is one of Blank Canvas’s top selling brushes.  It is made of short, dense synthetic fibres.  Admittedly, I needed much practice with these kind of kabuki brushes.  I find the best way to apply is to stipple foundation on then use very soft gentle small circular motion to buff the product into my skin, concentrating on a small area at a time to give a very flawless natural finish.  I have to say if I’m short for time I tend to use sweeping motions and the finish suffered:) I love the corally hot pink colour of the handle too!

Now over to THE EYE BRUSHES!


The bristle are made of natural hair.  It is quite dense.  E3 does a good job smudging out shadows, creating shape to your eyes and giving definition to the outer Vs.  However, it is not the softest pencil I own.


The bristles are made from natural goats hair.  It is soft, dense and perfectly flat.  E24 is great to pack eyeshadow on all over eyelids or the outer Vs.  It does an excellent job to blend and carve out the crease.  E24 excels at packing glitters on my eyelids… I am ecstatic to have E24… it does a much better job than my fingers!


The bristles are made from natural goats hair.  It is soft and fluffy.  E45 is great for blending along the crease line to create depth and definition to an eye look.  This type of brush is an absolute essential for any makeup enthusiast.


The bristles are made from synthetic fibres.  This liner brush has a fine point and is perfect for precise application of my gel liner.  E28 picks up and deposits gel liner efficiently.  You can apply liner as close to the lash lines as you wish with E28.  Cat eyes are made easy with this ultra fine liner.


Both ends are made from synthetic fibres and purple in colour (I quite like it!).  E30 is sturdy and does what it’s supposed to do.  The brush picks up product well, fill and define my brows perfectly.


The bristles are made from synthetic fibres.  I didn’t take a liking to this brush at first.  I found it too pointed and hard to work with.  But after a few washes, I can not put it down!  The tip is pointed yet flexible therefore it does a fabulous job to outline/overdraw my lips and to blend my lip liner into my lip products.  You can work your lip product in with ease even though the surface area of the brush is quite small. My lip shape has never been so perfect:)

The cup holder is handy to store the brushes in, great on travel or work (if you are a makeup artist).  It can double up as 2 brush holders on your vanity table.

I have been playing with these brushes over the last few weeks and they have been washed a few times.  I’m happy to report that there has been no shedding and they dry back to their original shapes after washed.

If you have made it down this far, please give your self a pat on the back!:)

Overall, if you can’t already tell, I am very pleased with Blank Canvas’s “Face and Eye” Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set. They will definitely be utilised everyday.  I wholeheartedly recommend this set to a new makeup enthusiast or a makeup professional alike.  This Face and Eye” Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set stands for quality, functionality and affordability.

You can find the “Face and Eye” Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set With Cup Holder here.

Have you tried Blank Canvas Cosmetics products before?

Much love always,



Disclaimer: This post featured a PR sample. My opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased.


  1. 22nd March 2017 / 8:26 am

    This set looks so good! Love that they have so much variety. Great post hun xx

    • Sandy
      22nd March 2017 / 9:36 am

      It is fabulous Annie. Everything you need to do your makeup. Well made, well perform at affordable prices. Thanks for reading lovely.xo

  2. sassypout
    22nd March 2017 / 12:05 pm

    F15 with red bristless is def my fav & looks so cute 🙂 I never tried their brushes but I only heard great things & I must say I’m tempted because I always need more brushes

  3. 23rd March 2017 / 2:00 pm

    I really love this product…as you already know 😉 I’ve been enjoying the black stippling brush with my blushers recently. The red highlighter brush is my favourite too xxx

    • Sandy
      23rd March 2017 / 11:02 pm

      We have the same preferences! Love your fab review on them too. Thank you for stopping by lovely.xo

  4. 24th March 2017 / 9:29 pm

    So true ! A girl can’t get enough brushes 😉 Look very pretty, fluffy and soft ! Great post my dear ! Kisses
    Kédidja ~

  5. Cat L
    27th March 2017 / 6:46 pm

    Sandy, thank you for such a detailed review! Yes, so true, one can never have enough brushes and this is such a gorgeous set! I love holder as well, seems so elegant and chic.

    ~ Cat L.

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