ELOISE Gold Tear Drop Brush Review

I was contacted by Eloise Beauty to partake in their global launch this December.  As a brush-fanatic, I enthusiastically accepted the invite.

I have been using the brush for a while, although I wasn’t under any obligations to do this review, I am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Eloise is a new UK company and I am excited to join its journey.  The Tear Drop Brush is the first brush to be made in this style.

What Eloise official says:

The brand NEW innovative-patented TEAR DROP brushes from the Dome Collection is designed for precision, control and flawless application. This ergonomic shaped brush with its 10° angle slant as a great feature, touches hard –to-reach places around the nose and under the eyes as well as the contours of your face producing remarkable results .

Tear drop brushes come in 2 stunning colours and is packed with over 1,000,000 cashmere-like super soft bristles. The Tear drop brush can be used for both liquids and powders, and is great for both face and body. This brush is an absolute essential for any cosmetic enthusiast’s collection.

Brush features

  • Brush head comprised of over 1,000,000 velvet soft synthetic bristles.
  • Dome handle is designed to fit the palm of your hand like a glove for maximum pressure control as well as comfortability.
  • With the bristles being at a 10° angle, this brush is shorter at the front and longer towards the end, scientifically proven to give you more of a flawless coverage.
  • This brush can be used for both face and body, the front tip of the brush for all contours of the face, whilst the whole brush for the rest of your body.

The first thing I have to mention is how beautiful Eloise Tear Drop brush is.  I have it in the Gold version and am lusting over the Rose Gold one!  It’s a funny thing to say but the brush is very photogenic too:)

The brush comes with a drawstring bag and you’re advised to always store the brush in the bag.

Now I have been experimenting with a few brands of oval brushes and although I love the brush heads I do find that the handles does not give you that much control over the pressure and movements during product applications.  The Eloise Tear Drop Brush does indeed allow that control.  The brush is dense and soft.


How lush are those bristles!


Eloise Tear Drop brush can cover a large area of my face in one movement therefore making the entire foundation routine a breeze.  I love that it doesn’t absorb the product and on the contrary I find I use less liquid foundation (a big thumbs up from me).  The shape of Eloise Tear Drop brush comfortably allows you to apply correctors or concealers under your eyes or around your nose areas.  Applying and blending products on my neck and décolletage using Eloise Tear Drop brush is an easy job of course .

I enjoy mapping out my contour lines, blending them and applying powders with Eloise Tear Drop brush.  Personally I prefer my contours to be more precise (I normally can only achieve this with a small brush) and powders to be applied with a fluffy brush.  I predominantly love using Eloise Tear Drop brush to apply my liquid foundations, correctors and concealers.

Here are some images of how Eloise Tear Drop brush fits into my hand:

If you wonder how you would wash this type of brush.  Here’s the instructions from Eloise Beauty website:

1. Apply a small amount of shampoo/soap to the hairs.

2. Supporting the whole brush gently massage the brush in circular motions on the palm of your hand.

3. Keep rinsing the hairs until the water runs clear.

4. Holding the hair bundle press the excess water out of the hairs against a soft, absorbent towel.

5. Gently reshape the hairs using your fingers, if needed.

6. Allow the brush to dry over night.

I have washed the brush twice using the instructions.  The brush has not shed and remained as soft.  As the brush is very dense,  it took near 24 hours to dry out completely.

Overall, I love Eloise Gold Tear Drop brush.  It is unique and beautiful.  If you’re a lover of innovative makeup brushes, I highly recommend you check Eloise Tear Drop brush out.

Eloise Gold Tear Drop brush retails at £34.99.  Currently, there’s free shipping offer available for a limited time.

What’s your takes on these new innovative makeup brushes?  Are you a gold or rose gold lover?

Hope this was helpful.

I hope to speak to you all again very soon.  Wishing you a fabulous 2017!

Much love always,


Disclaimer: This post featured a PR sample. My opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased.


  1. sassypout
    1st January 2017 / 6:44 pm

    I saw this brush on your IG & thought how nice it looked! Love the shape & how it sits in your hand.

  2. 3rd January 2017 / 7:00 pm

    This brush looks so cool! One million hairs?! I love that this, and the Artis brushes, allow for a little bit of product to go a lot further. I could definitely see this brush applying foundation in just a stroke or two!

  3. 9th January 2017 / 7:21 pm

    That brush looks so luxurious and the love the color too. I have never heard of it before though but I bet it will do a fabulous job applying foundation. xo

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

  4. Dani A.
    10th January 2017 / 3:57 am

    I just purchased the rose gold brush. It is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to use it!

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