SUQQU Autumn/Winter Base Makeup Collection


SUQQU Autumn/Winter Base Makeup Collection
SUQQU Autumn/Winter Base Makeup Collection

By now you might have known my love for luxury Japanese brand SUQQU which is famous for its iconic range of base makeup that focuses on enhancing your radiant beauty.  Some of my absolute favourite bases are from SUQQU so when I learnt that SUQQU is offering a new capsule of complexion, I was thrilled!

The capsule collection consists of a new Cream Foundation, Intense Cover Concealer and Foundation Brush, designed to help women achieve a beautiful, even complexion that appears lit-from-within. 

SUQQU The Cream Foundation | £68

This is the new improved formulation and it’s a fabulous one!  It’s designed to impart a natural glow which adapts to the skin over time, resulting in a beautiful luminosity during wear.

Key features:

  • Contains 13 different types of Japanese sourced beauty extracts, such as green tea (camellia sinensis leaf extract) and silk protein
  • Formulated with SUQQU’s original ‘glow liquid’ and reflection oil for a glow that develops over time
  • Includes coated colour pigments and amino acid derivatives to create a ‘powderless’ finish
  • Contains hydrolyzed collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate for added skincare benefits that aid the skin’s internal glow
  • Smooth, hydrated and soft matte finish 
  • Chic and luxurious packaging 
  • Available in 12 shades, 3 undertones
SUQQU The Cream Foundation Shade Chart
SUQQU The Cream Foundation Shade Chart

There are 12 shades available to suit a variety of skin tones.  I have 2 shades to show you here.  On my skin tone, shade 030 matches perfectly.

SUQQU The Cream Foundation Swatches
SUQQU The Cream Foundation Swatches

I love makeup-skincare hybrids so I’m glad to learn the inclusion of all the skin-loving ingredients in the formulation of The Cream Foundation. As the name suggests, the consistency is thick and creamy, velvety and luxurious.  I love how beautiful it spreads and melts into my skin.  It smooths over my skin imperfections and evens out my complexion effortlessly.  Also, a little goes a long way and the coverage is a firm medium and is very buildable.  

What I love is the beautiful natural and healthy soft matte finish it offers.  I adore the lightweight feel and amazing longevity on my combo skin. I‘m happy to report that the foundation doesn’t clog pores nor cause maskne. Furthermore, my skin feels really comforted during wear. The foundation will be perfect for the colder months.

The Cream Foundation might be my ultimate favourite base from SUQQU!

SUQQU Foundation Brush | £36

SUQQU Foundation Brush
SUQQU Foundation Brush

Alongside the new foundation, SUQQU is also launching an innovative new foundation brush.  This is exciting since SUQQU is renowned for their brushes, loved by many including celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.  And I’m also an avid fan!  I purchased the whole range many years ago and am still very much enjoying them today.  

The new Foundation Brush is inspired by the shape of the traditional itabake brush, which is used in the world of Japanese traditional dance and kabuki (classical Japanese dance drama) in order to apply the full white makeup needed for their performances. The brush is designed to make flawless foundation application easy, quick and even!

Key features:

  • Engineered to fit perfectly in the hand for a precise grip and easy application
  • Three tiered brush structure: narrow base to allow greater flexibility, tapered at the tip to ensure a soft and gentle touch
  • Made with 100% synthetic hair
  • Designed for soft and precise application 
  • Achieve full coverage, soft edges and a natural appearance without having to layer excessively

I don’t think I have a brush like this one in my collection.  It truly applies The Cream Foundation effortlessly and wonderfully.  It’s amazing how the brush spreads the foundation quickly without any streaks. You can also customise the coverage as you wish.  

The bristles are soft and flexible.  I find the handle allows ease of movements.  You can smoothly and swiftly covers the face contours, around the eye and nose areas.  I also use stippling motions on the areas that I want more coverage.

SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer | £36

SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer
SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer

I was excited to test out this concealer.  SUQQU is all about natural beauty and not masking all imperfections so this is fabulous for those who desire a little more coverage.

Key features:

  • Available in 7 shades
  • Highly coverage 
  • Long wearing 
  • Natural, glowy finish 
  • Formulated with a high volume of pigment
  • Contains SUQQU’s Original Silky Powder – an original blend comprised of three different powders, including 100% silk powder – which delivers a silky glow with a smooth shine
  • Also includes a coating oil that instantly melts into the skin, for a smooth, flawless and long lasting finish
  • Easy to use doe-foot applicator
  • Chic and luxurious black and gold packaging 
SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer Shade Chart
SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer Shade Chart

The SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer is available in 7 shades and I have 2 to show you here today.  For my under eye areas, shade 11 is perfect to brighten.  For my post acne hyperpigmentations, I mix shade 11 and 15 to cover.

SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer Swatches
SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer Swatches

The consistency of the concealer is beautiful, velvety and smooth.  It spreads and adheres to the skin effortlessly.  There’s a slight tackiness to the texture which I prefer since in my experience I tend to find this finish would offer greater longevity. 

I would say the coverage is medium and buildable.  What I love is the seamless, imperceptible finish, it leaves your skin looking flawless with a delicate glow.

SUQQU Autumn/Winter Base Makeup Collection is available NOW at Liberty, Harrods, Selfridges (store and online) and Fenwick Bond Street.

Have you tried SUQQU complexion products?

Much love always,


SUQQU Autumn/Winter Base Makeup Collection

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