I was introduced to OneOSeven by Lisa, the founder of Be Mused Korea store, after expressing my skin concerns.  Be Mused Korea is a K-Beauty online store that only works with trusted innovative brands to give you a real dose of K-beauty.  The products are well tested before making it to the shop (more about Be Mused Korea here).  OneOSeven is a skincare brand that I haven’t heard or tried before which seems to target everything that my skin needs.  Read on to find out how I get on with the range after 8 weeks of use.

A little about OneOSeven

While running the biggest naturally fermented vinegar brewery in Korea called HANEGA, Okran Chung who is a pharmacist, learned that naturally fermented vinegar with twenty Oriental herbs produces a high concentration of essential amino acids that support skin health.  With cutting edge research and professional artisanship, ONEOSEVEN Cosmetics was established to harness the nourishing properties of the unique formula. The essential amino acids in ONEOSEVEN products are 100% naturally formed, and offer benefits unparalleled by chemically synthesized amino acids.

The company’s name “ONEOSEVEN” derives from one hundred seven secret formulas that have been kept for 35th generations.

Fermented Skincare Benefits

The natural process produces lactic acid, vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants and amino acids.   All these ingredients are greatly beneficial to dehydrated, damaged, hyper-pigmentation and mature skin.  They also work to strengthen our natural skin barrier, reduce inflammation and redness.

The active ingredients are broken down during the fermentation, making them easier to absorb and gentler on the skin.

Packaging:  Sleek and portable.  I took them to Maldives and they survived the journey there and back.

Before we go on, if you’re new here I have oily skin with enlarged pores, pigmentation, scarring and fine lines.  I am always on the search for skincare that would address these concerns.  I also always incorporate Vitamin C serums and AHA face masks in my routine.

Premium Black Soap

Premium Black Soap contains 7 year fermented vinegar and is infused with 20 oriental herb ingredients.  It’s a liquid soap that has been solidified into bar type.

I normally try to avoid soap due to their high pH but I took one sniff at this soap and I couldn’t resist to try.  The scent is uber luxurious and relaxing.  The soap lathers up well and cleanses my skin thoroughly without drying nor leaving any residue.  I use it as my main cleanser in the morning and as a second cleanse at night.

Core Flex Essential Liquid

Love the dispensing system of this one!  It comes as a spray so you can obtain the desired amount easily.

On my cleansed faced, I spray some Essential Liquid onto my palms then gently pat the esssence into the skin.  Repeat if I feel like my skin needs more.

As a liquid, it’s so lightweight and fast-absorbing.  It has a calming scent that I love.  The liquid is enriched with amino nutrients from 5 years fermented vinegar, helps skin cells to regenerate and prevent ageing.  The Essential Liquid also contains arbutin and safflower extract.

You can use the Essential Liquid throughout the day as a face mist too!

Core Flex Cream Essence

This Cream Essence contains squalane, arbutin, retinyl palmitate, rosehip oil and much more.

It’s  a velvety watery lotion that absorbs quickly.  After the Essential Liquid, I would pat a small amount of the Cream Essence on.  It feels so soothing, deeply hydrating and gives my skin a healthy, youthful glow.

On hot days, the Cream Essence would be my last step before sun screen and my skin still feel hydrated.

Core Flex Hydro Rich Cream

The Core Flex Hydro Rich Cream contains a host of natural oils such as squalane, sunflower, jojoba oil as well as the traditional herbs, red ginseng, pomegranate extract, soy milk and of course fermented vinegar.  It deeply nourishes my skin and restores my skin health.  My skin loves it so much!

The texture is elegantly smooth.  On my oily skin, I didn’t find it too rich.  I use just enough to spread thinly over my face.  On some really hot days, I would skip this in the morning.

Snow Mask

I love how soft the fabric used for this mask.  The Snow Mask fits well onto my face and feels very comfortable on.  The mask is infused with naturally skin-supporting extracts like snail mucin extract and propolis with a slightly-acid pH.  It feels so soothing on.  The extra serum left once the mask is taken off can be patted in.

It really hydrates my skin without any stickiness.  My skin feels plump and appears brighter after use.

So there you have it, the secret is out!  I’m truly smitten with OneOSeven.  Truly something magical, gentle yet so effective!  I can honestly say that my skin has not been in a calmer state, my pores are minimised and my whole complexion appears healthy and polished.  The range has managed to regulate my oil production,  my skin doesn’t ooze out such thick sebum.  MAGIC!

You can find OneOSeven range on Be Mused Korea.

Have you tried fermented vinegar containing skincare?

Thank you for being here today!

Much love always,


This post featured products that were generously provided for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own and unbiased.

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  1. 5th September 2018 / 7:44 pm

    I’m so intrigued by oneOSeven! you always introduce me to such interesting brands Sandy. I haven’t tried fermented vinegar in skincare before, it sounds likes its backed with benefits. The snow mask especially is calling out to me xx


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